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Another typical busy weekend…

February 1, 2009

It was another busy weekend at our house but a fun one as usual. Even though mum thinks I am getting my two year old molars and I am a bit under the weather, I put my chin up, showed a brave face (mostly) and kept up with the hectic schedule.

On Friday night I got to play with Nanny, Grandfarmer and Uncle Andrew. Which was great as I don’t get to see them enough! Mum also made me a photo album with family photos in it – which I just love looking through. Mum & dad are quite impressed with how quickly I am learning the names.

On Saturday morning I played with Granddad, Grandma Helen and Great Grandmum. It was great to see them too.


Then I had a nice long snooze in my big girls bed…zzz…

In the afternoon, we went to the shops as it was really hot and with my sore mouth I wasn’t quite up to the park. While we were at the shops, mum & dad took me to the hair salon to get my first hair cut. I really am a big girl now – check it out. To dad’s frustration, mum wouldn’t let them cut my fringe (she is trying to grow it to all be one length) but my new bob looks very glamourous. Here are shots from the back, the right, the front and the left side…

As for Saturday night….I can’t remember. I piked around 7pm. My sore teeth / gums had got the better of me and so I had a yummy bottle and went to bed.

Sunday….what a day. We went to the park in the morning, came home for breakfast and then I had my first swimming lesson. It was sooo much fun. We flapped around in the pool, singing songs, splashing, kicking, jumping – it was great fun. Then we went home for lunch and a sleep. The afternoon was kind of boring as we are getting the house sprayed on Monday and so mum & dad had lots of organising to do. That was ok though, I watched a bit of the cricket, Dora, helped out and swindled the odd cuddle here and there.

All in all it was a fun weekend. Hope you had a good one too!
Love Eli XX

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