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@ 21 months – I am a big girl

February 9, 2009
  • I sleep in a big girl bed and have a big girl hair cut πŸ™‚ Although now that I have a big girl hair cut mum can’t give me a pony tail at the back anymore. She is waiting for my fringe to catch up to the rest of my hair so that she can give me pig tails!
  • I don’t think I need a nappy anymore and try to take it off at any opportunity. Mum and dad have you thought about trying to toilet train me?
  • I did have fear for a week or two but I have decided it is overrated and have moved on.
  • I have started to get my two year old molars and so my mouth is a bit sore at the moment.
  • I love reading books and looking through my family photo album. I am getting really good at knowing all of the names.
  • We are spending lots of time swimming and I am loving it πŸ™‚
  • Mum and dad are loving all my kisses and cuddles at the moment and say that I am lots of fun to play with πŸ™‚
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