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The elusive corner teeth

November 7, 2010

I have the eight front teeth and the four double teeth. I am just missing the corner teeth.

For months it seems like they are coming through. I have had rashes on my cheeks, the gums have been red, I’ve been dribbling….with no success.

For the last two weeks there have been but two layers of cells between the top two corner teeth and the air.

Mum & dad have been hanging out in the hope that when they come through I’ll feel a bit better. Daily they have been gamely sticking their fingers in to see if they have finally broken through. It’s been so tempting to bite them….but I’ve been very good.

We’ve had a few false starts – as you have literally been able to see the teeth through the gum.

Then today finally mum could feel something sharp on one side – Eureka! One corner tooth down – three to go!

My bout of ear infections, runny noses and weepy eyes has continued and so mum & dad are hoping that when the last three teeth come through and the weather gets warmer over summer – that I might be able to break the cycle. Fingers crossed.

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