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Elimena @ 3.6y

November 9, 2010
  • I love ballet and swimming and running.
  • I love wearing all things frilly and sparkly – particularly dresses.
  • I’m not really into dinnertime at the moment…but will taste everything on my plate so that I get to watch TV. In terms of TV my favourites at the moment are Angelina Ballerina and Diego.
  • A party is really a party when it has lolly bags and balloons.
  • I most like having my hair up in plaits… I still prefer to wear it down but if it has to be up – let’s go with plaits or a pony tail.
  • My favourite food is chicken nuggets. Why are these only “sometimes” food? I am sure they should be “everyday” food?
  • At daycare I still love running around at full speed with Tommy and Daniel.
  • I am very curious and ask lots and lots and lots of questions.
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