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Cape Cod Day 8: More Beach Time

September 6, 2013

A more relaxing day today 🙂

The day started with a little lego time for the early risers…

Photos 001 Photos 002

First we checked out the Cottage Street Bakery – who had some yummy delicious looking treats, but unfortunately it was too early for something so sweet – even for us! We enjoyed the window shopping though 🙂

Photos 008Photos 012Photos 010Photos 011

Bagel time (at Nathan’s new favourite place – Jo MaMas)

Photos 015Photos 017Photos 018Photos 020

Some scooter time

Photos 023Photos 024

Beach time…

Photos 036Photos 058

and lunch at Liam’s on the beach

Photos 086

Rest time…zzz!

Then we sadly returned our beloved hermit crabs

Photos 007

to Skatet beach at low tide 😦

Photos 093Photos 095Photos 098Photos 100

before grabbing a take away dinner from JTs.

Photos 118

Looking at this map…no wonder this holiday feels like the a trip from light house to light house 🙂


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