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Cape Cod Day 7: Martha’s Vineyard

September 5, 2013

With everyone at 100% we thought we’d check out Martha’s Vineyard today.

MapPhotos 025

Firstly we drove to Wood’s Hole where had a a quick snack at the Pie In The Sky Bakery

Photos 002Photos 003Photos 004Photos 010

Then we boarded the ferry to Martha’s Vineyard.

Photos 050Photos 018Photos 037Photos 022Photos 039Photos 047Photos 048Photos 021

We had five hours until our Ferry departed and so we decided to pretty much drive around the island.

Map_MVPhotos 055Photos 061Photos 065

First stop was Aquinnah, at the Gay’s Head Lighthouse.

Photos 069Photos 071Photos 078Photos 093Photos 098Photos 101

Then Menemsha Fishing Village

Photos 106Photos 107Photos 108Photos 110

Then Edgartown

Photos 124Photos 125Photos 130Photos 140Photos 141Photos 143Photos 146Photos 153

for lunch at the Wharf Pub

Photos 133Photos 134Photos 135Photos 136

Back to Oak Bluffs to check out the gingerbread houses at The Community

Photos 202Photos 177Photos 183Photos 188Photos 193Photos 199

The a wander through the park

Photos 205Photos 208Photos 213Photos 224

and around the town of Oaks Bluff

Photos 238Photos 239Photos 242Photos 245

before an ice-cream

Photos 226Photos 227Photos 231Photos 235

With a ferry ride back to the main land we headed home…

Photos 251Photos 254Photos 264Photos 266

Dinner at the The Outback Steakhouse.

Photos 267Photos 269Photos 270Photos 274

Another fun day 🙂

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