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Flat tyre – eek!

July 6, 2014

With still a little energy, we thought we’d visit the infamous Pipeline Road. So after a short drive along unmarked roads we were there 🙂 We had a beautiful walk through the rain forest seeing birds, howler monkeys and gorgeous vegetation.

Photos 326Photos 332Photos 333Photos 328Photos 339Photos 343Photos 344

Before returning to the car to find a flat tyre! Eek and no-one around. Luckily we travel with a Nathan who can deal with such hurdles with grace and ease. I guess it is lucky (???) he had a few offsiders to help!

Photos 351Photos 355

After a short delay, we were back at the hotel organizing a new tyre from the rental company and another wonderful day drew to a close. Good night Gamboa. Thanks for a wonderful day xx

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