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Forts & Locks

July 7, 2014

Mmmm buffet breakfast….don’t get used to this kids. It is the last one for a while!

Photos 018

Today it was time to leave the rainforest and see some of the countryside.


We happily shared the road with all sorts of interesting users – from Panama’s version of the Navy Seals to coulourful busses

Photos 020Photos 021Photos 052Photos 022

First stop was Fuerte Santiago in Portobelo

Photos 026Photos 031Photos 037Photos 038Photos 046Photos 034

Then a little wander around the town of Portobelo

Photos 063Photos 060Photos 050Photos 104

Inglesia de San Felipe with its Cristo Negro

Photos 053Photos 054Photos 055 Photos 056

Fuerte San Jeronimo

Photos 065Photos 077Photos 081Photos 088Photos 091Photos 093Photos 095Photos 099

Then back in the car to drive to the viewing center for the Gatun Locks. This was incredible! The viewing platform was feet away from the locks and we’d managed to time if perfectly (all timed of course – check out the name of the ship – “Spirit of Sydney”!).

Photos 128Photos 172Photos 181Photos 171Photos 185Photos 200

Then we checked out the new lock that is building close by

Photos 201Photos 211Photos 215Photos 226Photos 249

Like there is a place for the boats to wait, so too there is a place for the kids to wait (for the parents)

Photos 231Photos 246

Then we headed back to Albrook to our new hotel to be near the airport for our 6:30am departure (ouch!) in the morning.
A western dinner in the mall (where we saw a Gorilla and a Koala – who’d have expected that!).

Photos 254Photos 263

A quick swim (of course – there is always time for a swim in this weather). Check out the amazing view from the roof!

Photos 265Photos 269

and then off to bed – good night 🙂

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