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Blending In

July 9, 2014

One the way to breaky number at Red Frog Beach we saw our juvenile sloth from yesterday (yay he was still there!)

Photos 001Photos 005

We then took a water taxi (check out that sky! yes it absolutely bucketed with rain!)

Photos 059Photos 013

To Salt Creek – a remote Ngobe-Bugle village
(note Lachie did a little shopping and a few cameos in these photos. See if you can spot him!)

Photos 016Photos 019Photos 023Photos 021Photos 025Photos 030Photos 035Photos 036Photos 039Photos 046Photos 051Photos 052

Then past Sloth Island on the way home where we saw a number of sloths.

Photos 056Photos 057

Time for a little R&R before dinner at the hostel next door.

Photos 071Photos 067

Even with the poor weather, we’d thought we’d try a little walk along Playa Larga to see if any turtles were nesting. Unfortunately the trip was unsuccessful and we headed back to sleep 🙂

Photos 076Photos 077


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