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Bocas Stars

July 10, 2014

Down to Red Frog Beach for breaky…

Photos 001Photos 017

Where we actually (finally!) saw the tiny tiny red frogs (and his colourful friend)

Photos 008Photos 129

then a walk around the point (no swimming in that rough sea though!)

Photos 029Photos 025Photos 036Photos 131

A visit to our favourite sloth

Photos 092Photos 110Photos 095

A water taxi across to Bocas del Drago (Playa Estella – Starfish Beach) for a wet swim and some yummy coconut.

Photos 037Photos 046Photos 070Photos 063Photos 050Photos 071Photos 076Photos 089Photos 074

a swim at home

Photos 112Photos 134

a visit on our porch from the neighbourhood monkeys
(not the howlers we could hear in the morning, the capuchin ones)

Photos 123

a walk around our villa to find sloths in every other tree!

Photos 137Photos 139Photos 141Photos 143

our family monkeys

Photos 157Photos 163

and then a final search for nesting turtles 😦

Photos 168

Buenas noches!

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