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Casco Viejo

July 18, 2014

The day started in Playa Blanca with a final swim before being chased out of the pool by a hail storm.
So it was time to head to Panama City.


After we found the hotel and had lunch at the mall attached to the hotel, and thenwe headed to Casco Viejo (The Old Town) to look around.

Photos 070Photos 075Photos 119Photos 074Photos 083Photos 084Photos 071Photos 091Photos 094Photos 095Photos 102Photos 104Photos 114Photos 109Photos 121Photos 126Photos 133Photos 151Photos 155Photos 124Photos 082Photos 156Photos 159Photos 161Photos 171Photos 180Photos 191Photos 197Photos 143Photos 199Photos 194

Mandatory of course is a Tradional Panamanian themed dinner.

Photos 203Photos 206Photos 214Photos 243Photos 245Photos 233Photos 236

Back to the hotel to find we now now had two robed-jedi-ninjas in the family! Fabulous!
(what more could we ask for?)

Photos 259Photos 262Photos 265

Then said good night to the view out our window 🙂

Photos 270


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