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Panama City…the old and the new

July 19, 2014

For our last day it was go go go!

Breakfast in Style!
(it is after all the kings meal!)

Photos 001Photos 005

First stop was Panama Viejo…
(notably the little tigers did awesome walking in the heat)

Photos 059Photos 060Photos 070Photos 071Photos 072Photos 079Photos 081Photos 100Photos 103Photos 104Photos 105Photos 129Photos 143Photos 111Photos 113Photos 102Photos 133Photos 140

Then off to the fish markets for lunch…

Photos 197Photos 198Photos 152Photos 153Photos 166Photos 178

A walk along the water front to enjoy the green-space, playgrounds and views.

Photos 187Photos 189Photos 193Photos 203Photos 204Photos 208

Afterwards we went to the mall, so that Eli & Lachie could complete the final remaining challenge from their Panama Travel Diaries. …To ask for and pay for an ice-cream in Spanish. The reward of course was the ice-cream 🙂

Photos 230Photos 232Photos 234

Down time + a swim 🙂

Photos 239Photos 240Photos 241Photos 246

A walk around Marabellaand then for dinner. When we got home, Eli and I took a very quick trip to the rooftop of our hotel to check out the view

(luckily the night clubhadn’t opened yet and they kindly let us take a super quick peek!)

Photos 273Photos 279Photos 280Photos 274

And off to bed. Only to see the gorgeous fireworks that Panama City kindly put on in honour of our visit. So kind!

Photos 284

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