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Miami – day two

November 2, 2014

First stop – a hearty bagel breakfast! Yummo! Then we were off! We grabbed a train out to Vizcaya – a beautiful old seaside house and gardens.

Photos 013Photos 067Photos 014Photos 025Photos 047Photos 051 Photos 017Photos 053Photos 057
Then a bus down the miracle mile – which was a little under whelming. Perhaps you need to enter those expensive looking shops for it to be impressive?

Off to the gorgeous old Biltmore Hotel. Here Nathan and the kids headed off to the Golf Club for a burger + fries, whilst David, Annette & Bianca had high tea…we all have differing opinions on who got the best deal there!

Photos 084Photos 087Photos 090Photos 094

A walk around Coral Gables…

Photos 081Photos 083Photos 082Photos 096

past the ever-elusive swim at the Venetian Pool.

Photos 102Photos 105

Back to the hotel via the hive of activity downtown – construction, endearing draw bridges, cool buildings,…

Photos 002Photos 004Photos 111Photos 112

…for a rest before dinner & a little more monorail surfing.

Photos 115

Another fun day 🙂

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