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Iceland Day 7: Hofn to Skogafoss

April 24, 2015

The day was off to a good start with an Icelandic farmers breakfast which included hot chocolate and chocolate cake for breakfast. It doesn’t get much better than that!

Photo 002

Last night we stayed on a working horse farm. So after breakfast they very kindly took us around their stable of pure breed Icelandic horses. It was interesting to see their very rare blue eyed horses and their rare stallion whose coat changes colour four times a year between red-pinto-white. We got to feed and pet them.

Photo 014Photo 016Photo 015Photo 041Photo 009

Then we bypassed the chickens in our excitement to see their new baby lambs….awwwwww how cute!

Photo 020Photo 027

Then we were off along the south coast heading west.


Along this drive we could see the glacial fingers off from the main glacier…

Photo 065Photo 071

First stop was Jolksarlon Glacier Lagoon to see the icebergs that had broken off from the tongue of the glacier and of course the seals.

Photo 098Photo 153Photo 099Photo 123Photo 132Photo 137Photo 141Photo 176
Photo 125Photo 149Photo 148

Then the beach opposite to see the ice that had washed up on the black sand beach.
(unfortunately I’d had some funky setting on my camera and so most of these creative pictures didn’t work out 😦  )

Photo 216Photo 217

Then an impromptu stop at Fjallsarlon.

Photo 221Photo 224Photo 234Photo 241

Then a quick hike at Svinafellsjokull.
(look at the ash on the icebergs from nearby volcanoes. The cracks are huge too – you sure wouldn’t be walking on these!)

Photo 257Photo 259Photo 261Photo 268Photo 273Photo 287Photo 285Photo 281

Again it was meant to be lunch at Skaftafell National Park but the “open every day” café – was not open. So after more car snacks there was a hike to Svartifoss…

Photo 312Photo 321Photo 315Photo 308Photo 324

Lunch in Kirkjubaerarklaustur (for the most tender lamb sandwich ever!) Yes the pizza tour continues…

Photo 342Photo 345

A little wander around Vik most notably the black sand beach and its elusive puffins (we saw loads and loads and loads of birds – but no solid proof that any of them were puffins!).

Photo 349Photo 358Photo 360Photo 363

Photo 1 below – Strangely there were surfers at the beach…yes there was a decent swell – but brrrrrrrr!
Photo 2 below – along there coast there are sadly but not surprisingly many monuments for ships wrecked on the rocks / cliffs / beaches.

Photo 364Photo 346

A little stop for the views at Dyrholaey…
(The last photo here shows a house built into the cliff…we totally understand why given the cold and the wind)

Photo 370Photo 394Photo 378Photo 373Photo 372Photo 375Photo 382Photo 424

On our way back to our hotel we saw a Troll house! or was it? So like any sane family – this called for a climb and then crazy E+L rolled down the hill in the fluffy grass.

Photo 422Photo 398Photo 407Photo 418

To our hotel to check in and for some down time 🙂
(aka shower + wifi time!)

Our last dinner in Iceland at Gamla Fosjid, where they were kind enough to show us the hours-old baby calf.

Photo 433Photo 435Photo 438Photo 440Photo 444Photo 446

Home via Rutshellir cave…

Photo 449Photo 451

…and a quick look as we drove past the turf houses of Skogar Museum.

Photo 460Photo 458

A very full amazing day!

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