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Iceland Day 8: Skogafoss to Keflavic to home!

April 25, 2015

Our last day 😦

Still having not adjusted to the time zone, we got up just in time for an 8am breakfast (traditional Icelandic – cold meats, cheese, skyr, bread, juice & coffee). This morning we dined with a gorgeous view of the beautiful Skogafoss falls.

Photo 003Photo 004

Then we were off to make the most of our last day.

Map Day 8

First stop was a closer look at Skogafoss…

Photo 006Photo 011

It had snowed again overnight, and so the road looked very different from when we passed this way for dinner last night.

Photo 012Photo 014

Past the sheep, horses, cows and cute farm houses…

Photo 023Photo 043

Then Seljandsfoss…you can walk behind these falls but given how windy it was – this was a surefire way to get absolutely saturated and so we marveled at their beauty instead.

Photo 015Photo 021

Next on to the Kerid Crater – which had red moss covered inner walls and a pretty green lake in the middle. It was super windy up the top!

Photo 026
Photo 029Photo 035

Then to the Geothermal Energy Exhibition at the Okusyn power plant at Hellisheidi. Which had huge toys to look at and an interesting earthquake simulator mapped to historic quakes.

Photo 044Photo 045Photo 050Photo 051

Past the town of Elves and onto roads where tractors are no longer allowed…

Photo 061Photo 057

Farewell to the end of town signs (for those who couldn’t otherwise work it out) and cute animal warning signs…

Photo 368Photo 454

The on to our final destination in Iceland. We had saved the best to last – a big soak at the magical Blue Lagoon baths. Finally after failed attempts along the way, we met up with our friends who were also travelling Iceland over Spring break. It was a chance to unwind and catch up 🙂

Photo 07411034314_10100522822476368_3735089740142677423_n1795499_10100522821553218_646698347092112091_n11188214_10100522821707908_2182496920636603210_n

Ahhhh! A touch of relaxation before we climbed aboard our evening flight home! We had a great trip!


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