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Icelandic thoughts on the plane ride home…

April 25, 2015

Ultimately our trip map looked something like…we covered 18 hours over 8 days with a gazillion stops along the way!


  • We were *blown* away (in all senses of the word) by Iceland. The wind was ferocious – even on the first day of summer. The sights were incredible.
  • Excellent coffee & gourmet food. We were wondering how the quality of the fruit & veggies was so good…but then we saw greenhouses everywhere.
  • Icelandic Breakfast – cold meats, cheese, bread, juice and coffee is a standardized 8-10am. Not earlier, not later – this country has its routine and natural rhythm.
    Icelandic lunch – really?
    Icelandic dinner – yummy lamb soups & stews, fresh fish & seafood, veggies, salad FOR MUM. Pizza for the other three!
  • So incredibly diverse landscape – from rich soil, to moon rocks, to bubbling mud pits, to glaciers, to craters, to fjords – all linked by volcanic activity. A quarter of the country is covered by volcanoes.
  • Whilst the flights were amazing value 🙂
    the accommodation and food is expensive 😦
    There are lots of amazing free activities though 😦
    All in all it works out! Free parking too 🙂
  • The Icelandic people whilst on the cool side, LOVE children and animals! Not necessarily in that order…
  • Once you get out of Reykjavic (population 270k of Iceland’s 325k) the countryside is sparse. Even on the shoulder of the high season, we found it difficult to find restaurant/café/supermarket options – particularly around lunchtime. Even a lot of the bigger hotels weren’t open. Just beause a website or guidebook says their open – call ahead! We should have bought more than chips, gummy lollies and choc chip cookies as snacks…because snacks can become lunch in need 😦 or 🙂 ???
  • Tough, tough countryside; amazingly beautiful and untouched.
  • I keep getting asked “should you really take kids to Iceland?” – which I answer wholeheartedly – YES! There are so many short walks, so much diversity to keep them interested, once outdoors they can climb rocks/volcanoes/etc and make as much noise as they’d like. It is safe. They believe in Trolls + Elves and have little fairy houses in their front yards. Perfect for kids-of-all-ages and their imaginations!
  • Mum’s monster pack – of everything but the kitchen sink – was actually called for! We took all things from snow boots to swimmers. We took twice as much stuff as we took to Panama last year! That’s even factoring the fins and snorkels etc that we took to Panama…luckily though as it was unseasonably cold. Check out the snow boots alone in the bottom of our biggest bag – good thing we had a car!

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