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Morocco day 2 – Casablanca – basquing in the view of the Mosque

April 9, 2016

After a rocky start – Royal Air Maroc changed our seats to*better* ones than those we reserved (back row, intermittent tvs & B’s seat wouldn’t stay reclined) and our airport-hotel tranfer didn’t turn up to meet us at the airport – we are finally here 🙂

Morocco 017Morocco 149

We arrived at 8:30am and after the usual logistics pattern (immigration, local sim card, cash out) and a few not usual logistics (missing transfer – better that than the bags!)… we grabbed a taxi and were offf!  We reached our hotel mid-morning and the kindly gave us an awesome room on the top floor with a sea & mosque view – incredible (Thanks Novotel!).

Morocco 127Morocco 129

After a brief refresh, we headed out for brunch  to La Sqala and had their traditional breakfast and amixed pancake platter to share, Yummo!

Morocco 025Morocco 026Morocco 005Morocco 012Morocco 013Morocco 023

Next we walked to the mosque with a few stops along the way for a touch of soccer and for drinking water…

Morocco 031Morocco 033Morocco 034Morocco 036Morocco 097Morocco 125

The Mosque was stunning….
(and Lachie got lots of ideas for his Minecraft designs)

Morocco 040Morocco 046Morocco 065Morocco 063Morocco 064Morocco 093Morocco 091Morocco 086Morocco 066Morocco 089Morocco 090Morocco 085Morocco 072Morocco 058

Then into the medina…

Morocco 136Morocco 027Morocco 100Morocco 105Morocco 107Morocco 108Morocco 116Morocco 119Morocco 109Morocco 112Morocco 101Morocco 103Morocco 123Morocco 120

A little downtime back at the hotel, before heading to the fishing port…

Morocco 154Morocco 157Morocco 158Morocco 132Morocco 159Morocco 160

walking past interesting modes of transport…
(petite taxis – for 3 people; 3 wheeled vehicles driven by motobikes…do they like 3’s?)

Morocco 151Morocco 156

… for dinner at Restaurant du Port de Peche.
(it even had Turbot on the menu!)

Morocco 152Morocco 163Morocco 165Morocco 169Morocco 170Morocco 166

Then home to enjoy the stunning view,

Morocco 173Morocco 176

What a great first day 🙂

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