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Morocco day 3 – Fes via Meknes and Volubilius

April 10, 2016

Go go go! We over-slept:(
We ran 30 mins late for our driver 😦

After a fabulous buffet breakfast in a Western hotel – it was time to venture into the heart of Morocco – we were off..


through the outskirts of the city

Morocco 008Morocco 001Morocco 004Morocco 080

The road was being lined with soldiers & flags as the King would be traveling to Fes some time that day…

Morocco 042Morocco 072Morocco 078Morocco 075Morocco 051Morocco 048Morocco 057Morocco 071

past Technopolis
(every country has one!)

Morocco 028Morocco 030

past local farmers

Morocco 011Morocco 016Morocco 010Morocco 041Morocco 059Morocco 023

we felt at home when we saw the Eucalyptus trees

Morocco 013

First stop – medieval Meknes

Morocco 099Morocco 101Morocco 187Morocco 127Morocco 141Morocco 148Morocco 149Morocco 168Morocco 170Morocco 227Morocco 173Morocco 183Morocco 186Morocco 238Morocco 197Morocco 198Morocco 208Morocco 212Morocco 213Morocco 222Morocco 209Morocco 228Morocco 231

Lunch somewhere Western to ease the culture shock

Morocco 019Morocco 259Morocco 266Morocco 268

A stop to admire the view over the Meknes medina…

Morocco 276Morocco 279

The second stop was for the Roman ruins at Volubilus

Morocco 512Morocco 391Morocco 404Morocco 396Morocco 400Morocco 414Morocco 426Morocco 431Morocco 441Morocco 449Morocco 469Morocco 475Morocco 499Morocco 499Morocco 466Morocco 457Morocco 448

View of Moulay Idriss…
(a holy town which is a common pilgrimmage destination for its mausoleum)

Morocco 343Morocco 334Morocco 338Morocco 330

Gorgeous view of inland salty lake…
(with a family picnicing near by. We love that the Moroccan families love to picnic too)

Morocco 559Morocco 553Morocco 556Morocco 550

This was beautiful farming country- we saw farms of olives, almonds, wheat, figs, oranges, poppies- to name but a few…
(Meknes is known as the agriculture capital of Morocco…we can see why!)

Morocco 315Morocco 573Morocco 578

local towns and people…

Morocco 332Morocco 533Morocco 532Morocco 593Morocco 303Morocco 594

Hard working donkeys…

Morocco 549Morocco 522Morocco 540Morocco 575

and into Fes where we would be staying for the night 🙂

Morocco 620Morocco 621Morocco 609Morocco 625

Finally our riad in Fes – which gave us a lovely welcome of Moroccan whiskey (I.e. Mint tea) and coconut biscuits.

We had a brief break before gaming the medina for dinner. Nathan did an amazingly incredible job finding the restaurant Cafe Clock which has live music on Sunday nights. We ordered an eastern- western combination- lamb burger, lamb tangine, hummus plate & fries – surprisingly the winning dish was the lamb tangine!

Morocco 634Morocco 630Morocco 636Morocco 638

Observations thus far:

  • We won’t be needing those shorts and knee length skirts that we packed
  • Meknez – medieval  capital, Casablanca- economic capital, Fes – agricultural capital (apparently Marrakesh will be the tourist capital!)
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  1. Rebecca permalink
    April 17, 2016 5:11 pm

    Wow! Just… Amazing sights and adventures. Xx

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