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Morocco day 5 – Fes to Sahara

April 12, 2016

The start of our longest day…

Up early for a traditional Moroccan breakfast our riad in Fes…

Morocco 002

afterwhich we were picked up by Adil our driver for the next three days. He gave us a quick tour around the Ville Novelle, Royal Palais and Jewish quarter in Fes…

Morocco 009Morocco 011Morocco 008Morocco 018Morocco 016Morocco 026Morocco 017Morocco 020

Before we headed on our way…


First stop Ifrane – also known as Moroccan Switzerland for it’s Swiss style architecture and nearby ski slopes.
(these photos really don’t do it justice)

Morocco 048Morocco 047Morocco 039Morocco 051

To Ifrane National Park to see to see its Cedar forest, Barbarous apes and gorgeous lakes.

Morocco 034Morocco 036Morocco 064Morocco 065Morocco 075Morocco 085Morocco 086Morocco 113

past a camp site

Morocco 061

Through the middle Atlas mountains.

Morocco 130Morocco 120

A quick visit with a native Berber family who live as Nomads  in the Middle Atlas mountains.

Morocco 180Morocco 150Morocco 154Morocco 158Morocco 164Morocco 176Morocco 178Morocco 179

Stop for lunch at Medelt the apple capital of Morocco
(photo borrowed from the internet)


Further through the mountains

Morocco 215Morocco 261Morocco 232Morocco 218Morocco 256Morocco 258

a dam (whose name they couldn’t tell us)

Morocco 275Morocco 272

Past the stunning Erfoud Oasis
(suddenly the word Oasis makes sense)

Morocco 277Morocco 284

On to Merzouga…

Morocco 296Morocco 304Morocco 307Morocco 309

where we changed transport to camel and headed out into Erg Chebbi. We asked Ahmed our guide for the camels names and he told us – Whatever you like! Jimmi Hendrix and Bob Marley. So Eli and I left ours as Jimmy and Lachie called theirs Kevin.

Morocco 315Morocco 322Morocco 328Morocco 337Morocco 359Morocco 351Morocco 349Morocco 370Morocco 358Morocco 352Morocco 347

We stopped midway to our journey to watch the sunset over the picturesque dunes.
(well some of us watched the sunset and others rolled up and down the dunes)

Morocco 398Morocco 400Morocco 404Morocco 422Morocco 439Morocco 416Morocco 450Morocco 445Morocco 447Morocco 453

Then on to our tents where we stayed the night.  Dinner was a yummy chicken tangine (which Lachie luckily loved – phew!) and a desert of fresh fruit. Lachie ate three bananas!!!

Morocco 458Morocco 466

After dinner we did a little star gazing and then went to sleep to the sound of native drumming humming across the desert. Good night!

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