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Morocco day 4 – Fes – hanging out in the medina

April 11, 2016

After our big day yesterday and with another big day to come tomorrow- we took it back a few notches today.. Today was to be all about soaking up the atmosphere in the medina 🙂

We slept in until 9am! Then showered before heading downstairs for a relaxing breakfast and to plan our day. Breakfast was a yummy combination of pastries, baguette, Moroccan cheese, jams, oj, coffee, hot chocolate and figs.

Then we headed deep into the twisty-windy-vibrant-narrow streets of the medina for a wander for a few hours…

We found all sorts of shops…

Morocco 032Morocco 644Morocco 643 - CopyMorocco 642Morocco 627Morocco 202Morocco 024Morocco 034Morocco 033Morocco 038Morocco 206Morocco 040

Interesting doors

Morocco 217Morocco 005Morocco 043Morocco 063Morocco 178Morocco 215


Morocco 188 Morocco 007

past the cafes…
(often full of men conducting business)

Morocco 008Morocco 239

along twisty windy streets

Morocco 048Morocco 049Morocco 004Morocco 051

Past Mosques, museums and a mausoleum 🙂

Morocco 063Morocco 147Morocco 196

A tannery where they dye the animal skins
(luckily they gave us some fresh mint for the smell)

Morocco 073Morocco 083Morocco 103Morocco 110Morocco 109Morocco 088

past the shops showing the produce of the tannerie

Morocco 121Morocco 122Morocco 120

The wedding street

Morocco 124Morocco 125Morocco 133

through a carpet spinning workshop…

Morocco 162Morocco 165Morocco 164Morocco 166Morocco 168Morocco 169

gorgeous ornate walls, roof tops, and more!

Morocco 180Morocco 189

Exhausted we returned to our riad for some down time at our beautiful riad 🙂
(check out the cool space age green shower)

Morocco 254Morocco 001Morocco 002Morocco 003Morocco 268Morocco 269Morocco 252Morocco 249

With the amazing view from it’s roof top 🙂

Morocco 263Morocco 159

Before heading out to dinner- where again we ordered a combination of meals – skewers, pizza, lamb kefta- with the winner being the lamb kefta! Mum was floored! Whose kids are these?

Morocco 228

On the way home we saw a wedding in progress 🙂

Morocco 236 Morocco 234

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