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Morocco day 8 – Marrakesh

April 14, 2016

Today the aim – was to enjoy the wonderful sights, sounds and people of Marrakesh!

First up breakfast…yummo! a traditional Moroccan breakfast.
(check out poor Lachie’s face – he is over Moroccan pancakes by now and ready to get back to his weetabix!)

Morocco 001

We headed out of the medina

Morocco 010Morocco 015Morocco 016Morocco 008Morocco 014Morocco 018Morocco 020Morocco 017Morocco 019

Morocco 033Morocco 038Morocco 036Morocco 035Morocco 037

Saadian Tombs

Morocco 085Morocco 075Morocco 078Morocco 046Morocco 070Morocco 052Morocco 047

a walk through the Jewish quarter

Morocco 092Morocco 089Morocco 095Morocco 091Morocco 198

Then Palais Badii

Morocco 108Morocco 121Morocco 177Morocco 123Morocco 124Morocco 127Morocco 139Morocco 135Morocco 137Morocco 147Morocco 153Morocco 169Morocco 164Morocco 162Morocco 195Morocco 184Morocco 185

Home for a rest

Morocco 211Morocco 209Morocco 215Morocco 373 - Copy

Lunch at Rotisserie de La Paix in La Ville Novelle
(where Eli & Lachie got chased (happily) by a goose)

Morocco 218Morocco 223Morocco 226Morocco 227

Through the brightly coloured serenity in Le jardin majorelle with its Yves Saint Laurent memorial

Morocco 237Morocco 238Morocco 247Morocco 258Morocco 299Morocco 240Morocco 244Morocco 264Morocco 271Morocco 296Morocco 297Morocco 301Morocco 305

A caleche (horse-drawn carriage) back to Jemaa El Fna (the main square)

Morocco 338Morocco 307Morocco 335

through the streets of the ville novelle in Marrakesh (new town)
(notice the last one where it has a speaker in the tower of the medina – this is where those 5am calls come from!)

Morocco 217Morocco 314Morocco 326Morocco 313Morocco 330Morocco 229Morocco 308Morocco 361

A wander around the Jemaa El Fna square past the stalls and snake charmers to get a little henna work done for Eli
(yes – it looks nothing like its picture – and to think we have it for three weeks!)

Morocco 362Morocco 351Morocco 347Morocco 349Morocco 354Morocco 360

and through the souks of the medina, back to the hotel with a mohito (or two…) by the pool.

Morocco 382Morocco 384

then a crazy crazy rush to get to the Fantasma – the spectacular of local dance and horseman ship….first stop through Ali Barber’s cave

Morocco 388Morocco 394Morocco 400Morocco 397Morocco 409Morocco 408Morocco 423

First we got to meet the team demonstrating the traditional music and outfits from regions around Morocco.

Morocco 415Morocco 427Morocco 448Morocco 429Morocco 434Morocco 440Morocco 443

In the spirit of sharing Lachie show-cased a little NJ style break dancing…

Morocco 433

Then there was the horsemanship show that included belly dancers and a flying carpet!

Morocco 405Morocco 463Morocco 466Morocco 471Morocco 474Morocco 495

After telling us we had to be there at 8:30pm, the show didn’t start until 10:45pm and we were in the car post-show headed home at 11:30pm…as E+L put it there was a whole lot of waiting…it was interesting to see but we certainly wouldn’t recommend this as a highlight of Marakesh.

Another interesting day 🙂

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