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Morocco Day 9 – Homeward bound :)

April 16, 2016

After a crazy night last night we slept in.
Then it was go go go! The craziness didn’t stop – even in the final hours…

The final Moroccan breakfast for E&B (N and Lachie could not face another Moroccan breakfast and so chose to kindly pack (N!) and play Minecraft (L!).

Morocco 001 Morocco 002

With 35 minutes to spare there was time for a final  quick dash into the markets within the medina. The boys went for bananas for our monkey man and to get cash out, whilst the girls did the important stuff and attempted to do a little shopping. With only limited success, it was time to start our trip home.

First to our Riad to settle our bill, say a huge thank you to Lahcen and Mohamed for all their help and hospitality and to grab our bags.

Then a dash through the medina with our blond hair and wheely bags (must have been quite a sight!).

Then haggling for a taxi and ending up in a petite taxi which is only meant to carry 3 people – let alone 4 people, three wheely bags and carry on bags.

We jumped in – only to find a road construction truck had parked our taxi in. A little patience whilst drivers were found and vehicles rearranged.

Then we were off! Only to be pulled over by a police officer for having 4 people in a 3 person taxi. Fortunately the policeman was dealing with another car first, so after waiting a few minutes the taxi driver took off anyway…eek! he has to sort that out later 😦

Then we reached the entrance to the airport and its car park, only for the taxi to stop. Time to get out???

A dash through the airport car park as the taxi driver refused to pull up at the terminal with 4 people in a  3 person car lest he get a fine.

We checked in, went through security and immigration all pretty quickly by international standards 🙂

Over due for western food we had pizza and then boarded our flight to Casablanca…now nothing to do for an hour but chill aboard our flight 🙂


Luckily it was smooth sailing from there.

We flew Marrakesh to Casablanca.
We flew Casablanca to New York.
We spend an hour and a half in immigration and customs (the computers were down).
It took almost two hours to drive home from JFK.

The flights were on time 🙂
All (including the big ones!) behaved extremely well 🙂
All was well when we finally arrived home 🙂
It was a smooth end to a wonderful holiday 🙂

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