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Accran Oasis

August 30, 2016

For our final day in Accra we wanted to take things back a notch andChillax + swim + hang out with cousin Georgie 🙂
Peta’s yummy banana pancakes…
(such a great start to a day with such a sad end)


Traditional Ghana Food for lunch

2016-08-30-12-53-12 2016-08-30-13-23-142016-08-30-12-53-412016-08-30-13-24-44-hdr 2016-08-30-13-28-37 2016-08-30-13-44-452016-08-30-13-48-08

Best ice cream ever (as voted by Lachie who said it was better than the gelato in Italy…shhh! or they may not let us back into the country tomorrow).


some final classic catches…


another super yummy dinner..


very sad good bye hugs…


before flying out in the evening.
Thank you Jus, Peta and Georgie – we had a truly amazing time XXxx

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