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Finally to the founder of pizza

August 31, 2016

Okay this was to be the awkward day in our trip in terms of logistics. Every trip seems to have one!

We awoke in Lisbon Portugal, to change flights for Italy. First up was immigration to EU and a mini-breakfast from what was open at 4am at Lisbon airport. Any time is a good time for a (real) Portuguese custard tart.


..arrive Rome and take the train to Naples…

Snooze (not little but definitely needed)

A wander over for dinner…


Yummy Italian dinner of pasta and pizza… Naples it tourns out claims to be the inventer of pizza! So we were super keen to try the original deal. A Naples pizza it turns out is not dissimlar to NY-style. Naples pizza had a thick crust, just a few toppings and a soupy center…


After dinner, a wander around town…


Past the Castel Nuovo


And the Mergellina boardwalk to enjoy the breezes and views of the Bay of Naples


Since we’re back in Italy a little gelato of course

2016-08-31-20-31-50 2016-08-31-20-35-24

Before heading home 🙂

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