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Napoli + Pompeii

September 1, 2016

Up early! Mmmmm cake for breakfast! Eli likes this hotel 🙂 and then the train to Pompeii via the cool train station


such a cool train station too!

2016-09-01-13-45-03 2016-09-01-08-57-00

To the surreal Pompeii

photo-016photo-010photo-008 photo-020photo-018photo-024photo-031photo-035photo-040photo-055photo-077photo-067photo-075photo-080 photo-086 photo-092photo-091 photo-097photo-099photo-103

with an ice-cream to tie us over to lunch

2016-09-01-13-32-26 2016-09-01-13-31-13

Lunch in the piazza…


It was raining so we ditched our original plan of spending the afternoon / evening in Capri or Positano and headed underground instead! We did a tour of the old bomb shelters, cellars and aqueducts…


They also surprised us and took us to a secret (?), newly discovered ancient Roman Teatro whose entrance was under a bed…
(how did they know that we love a good Speakeasy entrance in our family?)

We then headed home only for the rain to bucket down and so we just had to stop and take cover in a Cupcake and Tiramisu shop!


Down time for our tired legs.

Then out for dinner (more pizza!!! for some)

2016-09-01-20-44-43 2016-09-01-20-14-49

and another walk along the boardwalk a stop at our new favourite gelati bar


and past the sights to home!

2016-09-01-21-05-06 2016-09-01-21-22-372016-09-01-22-10-012016-09-01-21-23-34

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  1. Helen Fraser permalink
    December 5, 2016 6:30 am

    Great pics. We loved Pompeii

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